Mobile device management primarily refers to a set of features and functions that help you control mobile device use in conformance with organizational policies. Functions include but are not limited to:

  • Software applications
  • Inventory
  • Policy
  • Security for mobile devices

Why Should You Invest in MDM Services?

It has become ever-increasingly essential to adopt a mobile device management strategy because of the proliferation of mobile devices and the growing trend of BYOD programs.

According to recent research studies, some statistics indicate the need for MDM. Take a look:

  • More than 67 percent of all works now use BYOD devices in their office
  • Approximately 87 percent of the employers are highly dependent on the workforce for accessing business information and applications remotely on their devices
  • 69 percent of the business decision-makers actively support the BYOD trend, where 59 percent of the business owners have adopted BYOD strategies
  • It is expected that the BYOD industry will reach nearly $367 billion next year.

It makes sense to invest in and adopt MDM services by Optimum Cyber Defense for all these reasons. MDM includes a collective set of tools for securing and managing:

  • Mobile applications
  • BYOD and company-provided devices
  • Content, data, and access  

Put simply, it is focused on managing smartphones and mobile devices connecting to a corporate network. For example, if a corporate device gets lost with mission-critical business information, it is likely to pose major security threats to an organization.

With MDM, you can locate, lock and wipe out devices that have been lost. In fact, in some cases, you can also initiate the process immediately, automatically.

Moreover, our MDM solutions can also use a geofencing feature that creates alerts while initiating actions if devices appear in an unusual or suspicious location. This could be a sign that the device has been stolen. MDM can also use policy-based security like:

  • Configuration of corporate devices to provide a personal identification number
  • Restricting actions available to users
  • Preventing specific application use

MDM solutions are crucial as data breaches become ever-increasingly common and more costly for businesses. In other words, our mobile device management service can play a pivotal role in lowering the risk of data loss and getting into the wrong hands, which otherwise can be misused. It enables users to be safe, secure, and productive.

Contact us today to discuss your mobile device management needs or further information. Reach out to us to keep your employees and their devices secure from potential threats while lowering the risk of data breaches.