Experience Flexible Application Provisioning and Management Controls While Ensuring Protection of Sensitive Data.

Mobile application management is a much-needed service today. It offers IT administrators a more granular way to secure and control business data crucial for developing mobile security strategies. As part of an effective mobile strategy, mobile app management allows the IT team to apply and enforce apps that access corporate data. With the help of mobile app management, you can remote wipe the app.

Core Benefits of MAM

MAM (mobile application management) capabilities are laser-focused on managing apps and related licensing services for enterprise environments. Some of the top benefits of mobile application management include:

  • Simplification of the management of mobile devices with a cloud-based and secure console. It pushes apps remotely from Google Play and Apple App store across mobile devices upon successful enrollment.
  • Mobile application management. This helps track device locations on a real-time basis and get complete device details such as serial number, disk space, OS version, battery, and more.
  • Deployment of proxy and wireless settings, content, restrict usage, and push apps.
  • Easily set restrictions on mobile devices, thereby defining user permissions. Moreover, this service ensures that data can be easily wiped remotely from lost or retired devices, all much needed to ensure that data is not compromised.
  • The complexities of BYOD (Bring your own device) programs. It is essential to understand that the introduction of BYOD programs has also introduced significant challenges for IT staff striving to ensure enterprise mobility and protection of corporate resources from unauthorized access.

Put simply, at Optimum Cyber Defense; our mobile application management service focuses on providing you with a strategy that revolves around procuring, securing, deploying, accessing, updating, and removing applications from mobile devices. In other words, when an employee brings a personal device to the enterprise environment, mobile application management ensures IT staff provision the device, control access to the back-end data, and wipe the device if it gets lost or the employee no longer works with the company.


MAM can be best described as an Enterprise App store for controlling who has app access and what employees put in their smartphones from a security standpoint. This is further needed to ensure that the staff remains compliant with the enterprise and industry’s rules and regulations.

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