Focused on Helping Organizations Create Highly Secure and Functional Applications

Web applications are crucial for every business. However, they are equally high at security risk as cybercriminals use web apps as a gateway to access your confidential business data. This is why it is crucial to comply with the latest security standards. And this is what we help you with.

At Optimum Cyber Defense, we take our name seriously. We go above and beyond to secure your business, including web applications that drive your business. Our team works with you cohesively to ensure a smooth and secure development lifecycle, protecting your applications using various software, hardware, testing, and operational policies.


Our experts make sure that your web applications conform to the latest security standards such as:

  • CWE
  • CERT
  • DISA
  • STIG

Our Application Security Strategy

At Optimum Cyber Defense, we invest our time and energy in performing detailed analysis of application designs, networking, external data sources, operating system setting, authorization mechanism, authentication components, and data warehousing.

All this empowers our team to provide in-depth analysis along with detailed recommendations for fixing the flaws and enhancing the security of your apps.

Our assessment largely involves the following steps:

  • Determine the method of analysis
  • Conduct manual and automated audits as well as inspections for vulnerabilities and security loopholes
  • Analyze the characteristics of identified vulnerabilities
  • Create situations that can be used by cybercriminals and execute simulated attacks to determine loopholes
  • Review web application logs for verifying whether a suspected attack occurred
  • Assess outcomes and address weaknesses

We strive to create foolproof security for your web applications so that you can run your business in a secure environment while keeping the risk at bay. Without a proper and effective approach to secure app development, your business can be at risk of breaches that can further negatively impact your company’s reputation and bottom line. Application security can eliminate all this along with internal inefficiencies while protecting your business from steep fines and costly litigation when apps are non-compliant. Put simply; we protect you from costly damages and security risks.


For more information or application security services, contact us today. Let’s work together to keep your web applications secure.