The world has become more competitive, and you need to strive for maximum efficiency to ensure you stay in the running. The good news is that our technological services make it possible for you to do that and more.


Optimized Cyber Defense’s Mobile Content Management software uses some of the most advanced technological features to ensure you get secure and integrated access to business data and reports anytime and anywhere.

Six Sigma of Success and Security

As a business that prioritizes cybersecurity and innovation, we ensure that our MCM software is optimized for advanced security and data integration to facilitate access and reporting. Following are the features we have added to the software for this purpose:


1. Intelligent Data Segmentation

We develop customized and intelligent software with data segregation to facilitate data organization and optimization. Proper segregation makes it easier to exercise content authorizations and automated reporting, which will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of data analysis.


2. Secure Cloud-Based Data Access

Our MCM is connected to a secure cloud server, which provides advanced security to all organizational data. We have created multi-level security systems to protect the data against internal and external cyberattacks, and the system is designed to create relevant alerts for attempted data breaches.


3. Document Sharing Prevention

Document sharing is one of the simplest ways in which people often compromise data security. Keeping these insights in mind, we have programmed our software to prevent document sharing and minimize fraudulent practices.


We also offer customizations and can work with you to include additional features that can further reduce the likelihood of document sharing to prevent data leaks.


4. Data Synchronization and Integration

Having an integrated and optimized database and MCM software improves efficiency because it allows you to access all related data. You can also use synchronization and data integration to generate analyses, reports, and forecasts for your business.


Furthermore, our MCM provides access to a user-friendly dashboard designed to simplify data access and data storage, making the system more efficient.


5. Cloud Storage and Mobile Compatibility

We understand how extensive organizational databases tend to be; hence, our MCM provides cloud-based storage to ensure the server runs smoothly. Our software is also mobile-compatible and can be accessed securely through browsers on smartphones.


6. Mobile Application Integration

Finally, our MCM software service also includes mobile app development and integration to allow you to access business data on a customized application. The application is designed with all the software features to ensure you can get easy and secure remote data access to all your documents and data.

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