Manage and Improve Your Company’s Response to Security Incidents

When your company gets impacted by a cyber security breach, a solid understanding to take control of the situation is required to respond effectively to protect your operations, assets, and company reputation. This is what we can help you with.


Whether the incident resulted from an insider or an external actor, our experts will help you navigate through with the right technology and support needed for on-site and remote investigations. Put simply, our cyber incident response services are designed to provide you with the best security breach response and incident remediation.


Our services help identify intrusions while eliminating security breaches. We strive to help you:

  • Reduce incident response times
  • Minimize security breach impact
  • Recover fast

Skilled Team of Incident Response Specialists

At Optimum Cyber Defense, we pride our team on providing excellent responses to security breaches. We have a team of experienced and skilled cyber incident response specialists readily available to respond to incidents across multiple locations.


We have hands-on experience working with companies of all scopes and sizes across industries. We have worked with government agencies, private and public companies, and Fortune 500 firms to remediate and prepare for malware outbreaks, breaches, and internal investigations.


Our team is laser-focused on helping businesses with proactive incident response planning. We strive to help you prevent, prepare and implement strategic investigation, recovery, and response procedures.

Areas of Specialization

Our incident response services include but are not limited to:

Emergency Incident Response

We provide you with a proactive and flexible strategy to respond to and remediate complex cyber incidents in the cloud and on-premises.

Proactive Incident Response

Our specialists stress test your IR processes against the latest security risks and cyber threats.

Threat Hunting Assessment

The process is designed to identify and locate unknown adversary activity and validate the effectiveness of detection capabilities. It digs deeps into finding malicious actors in the environment.

Data Loss Prevention Response

This service comes in handy, allowing you to quickly and efficiently respond when critical and data loss occurs.

Detailed Reporting and Remediation Guidance

At Optimum Cyber Defense, we help you communicate the impact of the incidents to regulators, partners, stakeholders, and customers. Plus, we offer quality remediation advice and support services, all much needed to overcome incidents and avoid the risk of suffering from disruption and additional damages.

Let’s Start a Conversation

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