Foolproof and Continuous Security Organization-Wide.

At Optimum Security Defense, we focus on helping businesses across industries with evolving threats and security breaches. Unlike our contemporaries, we go beyond monitoring and detecting threats; our experts manage all security issues. We take on the day-to-day defense of your infrastructure by managing and monitoring your network 24×7. From compliance and risk management to managed SOC, vulnerability management, managed detection and response, and managed incident response, we assist you with them all. We strive relentlessly to defend your organization from increasingly sophisticated cybercrime threats and vulnerabilities.


Our trained analysts have industry-leading expertise in detection and response analysis, threat management, and incident response which enables us to navigate you through the growing malicious threat landscape and help you:

  • Increase the visibility of your enterprise network, users, and systems
  • Ensure continuous improvement of cyber security strategies and programs
  • Improve and optimize returns on investments of existing cyber security solutions

Lower the pressure of compliance regulation and cybercrime

Comprehensive Managed Security Services

Optimum Cyber Defense provides clients with comprehensive managed security services, including but not limited to:


Threat Managed Services

Our industry experts leverage the power of managed threat intelligence to provide actionable insights for 24×7 threat detection and fighting cybercrime.

Managed Vulnerability

Managed proactive vulnerability scans and tests to help remediate application and network vulnerabilities, protecting your business and data from potential security risks.

Compliance Management

Identifies and deploys security compliance based on the best industry practices. Under this service, we focus on design, implementation, monitoring, testing, and executive reporting.


As your trusted managed security services provider, we use multiple integrated unique solutions to provide your business with superior threat intelligence and advanced analytics. This is needed to identify and stop advanced threats while gaining insights and metrics into security posture and trends.


No matter where you are in your cyber security journey, at Optimum Cyber Defense, we help amplify your existing security operational capabilities while reaching a level of cyber security maturity required for today’s evolving threats. Our team enables you to identify strengths and gaps and adapt security solutions that keep your business well-protected.

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